Arrow star Stephen Amell tees off against WWE’s Stardust


If you follow him on Facebook, you know that Arrow star Stephen Amell has been talking a lot about the possibility of facing off against WWE member Stardust in the ring. They both have been taking shots at each other over the weeks, even to the point Stardust has co-opted Amell’s line from Arrow about failing the city – an act that Amell himself said was a cheap stunt.

Well, this past Monday night Amell was attending the WWE Raw performance when Stardust jumped into the ring and broke up a match between two other wrestlers. As he was taunting the wrestlers he had interrupted, he caught sight of Amell in the audience. When Stardust spots Amell the entire mood changes as he jumped _out_ of the ring and went down to taunt the TV star. After a brief staring contest Stardust shoves Amell in the face, pushing him down. Amell’s response? Well, he did exactly what you would think Arrow would do, he jumped in the ring!

I’ll let you watch the clip below to see exactly what happened but I will say this: before you taunt someone who plays an action hero, it’s probably wise to make sure that he can’t actually kick your butt.

And that doesn’t look to be the end of it either. Afterward Amell ‘agreed’ to participate in the WWE Summerslam in a bout against Stardust in August.

Now, I’ll admit that there is a decent chance (read: Likely) that this was staged. It plays out like that. Amell, a guest, a spectator, jumping into the ring during a WWE bout? Not likely. The lawyers and legal staff at WB signing off on Amell, the star of their hit show and the person responsible for breathing life into the waning WB lineup, letting him jump into the ring where me might get injured and not be able to perform? Nope.

But setting up a staged situation like this to drive up numbers? Yea, I can see that.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out. Either way, it’s been a fun ride.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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