Sad Trombone: There Is No 128GB Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+ Option


When both the Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 edge+ debuted yesterday the storage options officially mentioned included the base 32GB of internal storage, as well as, 64GB options. With Samsung going away from MicroSD card support, the need for more internal storage has become more important for some users.

With the Note 5 and S6 edge+ keeping the newly redesigned look Samsung debuted with the S6 and S6 edge, and both those phones having a 128GB option, it’s a logical leap in assuming Samsung would carry a 128GB Note 5 and S6 edge+. However, that appears to not be the case. Although the the Samsung website gave people hope by mentioning a 128GB option for the devices, this was apparently an error.

A Samsung spokeswoman confirmed the goof stating that there were both a 32GB and 64GB option, but there won’t be a 128GB option. The two devices’ main competition will be the iPhone 6s (or 7 depending on who you ask) and as the iPhone 6 and 6+ sell 128GB versions of the iOS device, not having that option could hurt Samsung sales a bit. That being said, with phone companies moving away from phone subsidies and prices for these tiny computers reaching into the four figure price point, 128GB of storage would cost a bit more.

The previous generation Note 4 came with only 32GB of internal storage but had a microSD slot with support up to an extra 128GB of storage. With pre-orders starting today for major carriers of the device, and it going on sale next Friday (Aug. 21), it will be interesting to see if no 128GB option will actually hurt sales of a device with no room to expand in terms of storage.

Does the Note 5 not having a microSD card slot make it a non-buy for you? How about a lack of a 128GB option? Let us know in the comment section below or on our social media accounts.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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