Mozilla Firefox To Go Completely Private


Everyone’s favorite web browser (no, not Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox, is trying to be as private as possible – and keep this promise unlike most sites who have a “Do Not Track” option in their browser. Instead of having to use extension such as AdBlock Plus, Mozilla is trying to code similar functionality within the browser itself.

Mozilla is examining enhancements that will start blocking websites that can be used by third parties to tailor ads based on where you browse and what you search. The tool is set to close out parties such as ad networks or companies who use analytics from tracking users cookies or browser fingerprints. There are also enhancements that will be able to spot add ons that could potentially have malware and collect the users information.

Right now, it’s in pre-beta and you should see this feature updated in the future for the browser, but it’s currently available in the developer edition for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android which was released yesterday.

“We’ve worked with developers and created a process that attempts to verify that add-ons installed in Firefox meet the guidelines and criteria we’ve developed to ensure they’re safer for you,” Mozilla said in a blog post.

Mozilla also mentioned that websites that use a lot of data may not load correctly, but the feature will allow the user to unblock certain websites if they want leaving control in the hands of users.

What are your thoughts about Firefox going fully private and stopping all cookies and any traces of your footprint in the browser? Don’t forget to leave your comment below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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