Florida Hosting Company Web.com Hacked


Today’s hack of the day brought to you by, Web.com. The company has confirmed that their systems have been hacked and up to 93,000 of their 3.3 million customers have been affected. Among the data lost was credit and financial in nature as well as residential addresses. Other data such as Social Security numbers and verification codes were not breached, so the company claims.

“The security of our customer information is a high priority for Web.com,” Web.com CEO and Chairman David L. Brown stated in a statement. “Our goals are simple –to protect our clients from the Internet attacks and, in the event that an attack succeeds, to fix the [issue] immediately.”

The company gave no further information to the press but has begun sending emails to the customers whose data was breached. They will also be offering credit protection monitoring to the customers who were affected. Web.com is joining the long list of companies being hacked and compromised, they join Ashley Madison, Target, Home Depot and a barrage of others. As we’ve said before, these almost daily hacks should be getting everyone off their duffs to examine their security a little more intensely, let’s hope that happens.

Are you a customer of Web.com? Have you been affected by this breach? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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