India’s Micromax Plans Forked Android OS For Smartphones & More

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Indian consumer electronics company Micromax is planning on using a forked Android OS for some of its smartphones in the near future. The company is developing its own operating system that will work across its devices like smartphones, wearables, televisions and tablets. Former Amazonian, Ashish Agrawal, and now CTO of Micromax says the first forked Android OS smartphones from the company will be available at the end of the financial year.

“We’re excellent with partnerships and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel,” Jain said, while specifying that the company was not breaking away from Android but was working with the globally dominant Android OS to bring a differentiated experience to consumers across all platforms, including wearables.

“Our (Indian) use cases are much different from a US or Chinese customer,” he said. As hardware is becoming a commodity, Micromax wants to start investing in software to differentiate itself. However, the company did not want to alienate its set of consumers and developers, majority of who are on Android, by building an operating system from the ground up.

International Android handset makers seem to be finding that consumers want something different other than Google’s version of Android. Xiaomi also runs a version of Android, MIUI, that does very well in China and other overseas areas. Samsung has seen success with Tizen and may even have plans to bring that stateside. While US Android users may shake their heads and wonder why anyone would want anything other than Google’s Android, it seems the International users wonder why you wouldn’t.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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