Apple Patent May Point To Noise Canceling Apple EarPods

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An Apple patent could be pointing to Apple working on several improvements to their Apple EarPods. One of the most significant improvements and features to be added to future EarPods is the addition of cellular capabilities. This means the new EarPods should be able to handle voice over LTE calls. But in order to get to that point the company says they have to improve the quality of the EarPods first and that means adding noise canceling to the EarPods.


Apple’s plan focuses on the possibility of wireless earphones, which will block out external noise, and hence improve the audio quality. These earphones will be able to determine which ear is more susceptible to external noise, and accordingly fix the volume and pitch. The earpods will communicate with the connected iDevice, which will use an array of sensors to send out different pitches to fix the noise problem. The patent also explores how this can be used with Apple’s other products.


There’s already plenty of great headphone companies out there making quality earbuds with noise canceling built in so this isn’t anything new. Let’s face it, most earbuds that come with mobile devices aren’t the greatest, even the almighty Apple falls short. But with the purchase of Beats Audio and their headphone division, Apple may be trying to use that as a marketing tool for their devices. Improving their EarPods and possibly packaging them in with the iPhone under the Beats branding could work to attract some buyers but would that also raise the price of the iPhone itself? Or would the improved EarPods be sold separately? It’s hard to speculate from just one single patent but there are several ways Apple could play this, if they achieve the results they want.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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