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One of the fun things that comes from owning a website where you get to voice your opinion and review cool stuff is sometimes companies contact you to send you cool stuff. A few months back while posting about some case reviews on my Google+ page I was contacted by Ventev about reviewing some of their mobile accessories, I happily accepted the chance to review their wares. I didn’t realize they were going to send me as much stuff as they did so I decided to do one all encompassing review on all the cool gear they sent over and this is the box full of Ventev review. We’ll rate each product .5-5 stars and then do an overall rating of Ventev products as a whole.


Ventev Toughglass For iPad Air and iPhone 6 Plus

Toughglass for iPad Air is a 9H rated glass screen protector that offers awesome clarity, super touch responsiveness, and nearly bubble-free application. The kit comes with the glass, application card, screen cloth, and alcohol pad. Applying it is simple and takes just five minutes at most. Simply clean your iPad Air screen with the alcohol pad, let it dry, get any dust off the front with the cleaning cloth then you’re ready to apply. Peel the back side of the film from the glass and lay it even on your iPad Air screen, push down in the center and you’ll see the adhesive start grabbing the screen. Take your application card and while applying some pressure, push any bubbles away from the center.

After application I would leave the front film on and set the iPad aside for the adhesive to cure on the screen for the best seal. After an hour come back and if there are any bubbles you can safely push them out with the front film still on, if there are no bubbles peel the front film off and you’re ready to go. This whole process took me about five minutes and while Ventev says bubble-free application there were just a few bubbles I had to push out, otherwise it was simple and painless. The glass is rated 9H hardness and is great front protection for your iPad Air and you’ll barely notice it’s there. Highly recommended for you who get nervous about front protection of your tablet. Toughglass for iPad Air gets a 4.5/5

Ventev makes Toughglass for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air. Application on the iPhone 6 Plus was even faster and easier and it was bubble free. I think the larger surface area of the iPad makes it easier to get bubbles than on the iPhone 6 Plus. Both glass screen protectors offer superior protection for your devices and well worth buying. Great buy and great value on both these products. The iPhone version of Toughglass gets a solid 5/5 rating.


Ventev Penna Wallet And Regen Cases iPhone 6 Plus

OK, I’ve never been much of a wallet case fan, I have reviewed them in the past and I think there’s a market for them, just not usually my cup of tea. The Penna Wallet on the other hand, this is a nicely designed case made from 100% leather and that’s where the key is. It’s soft and easy on the hands and of course there’s that smell of leather. Wallet cases provide some of the best all around protection for any smartphone and the Penna is no exception. It excels at protection since the phone is pretty much surrounded with case. The Penna also offers a place to stash a couple of credit cards or your drivers license and I do mean a couple as in two. The slot is pretty tight and getting anything more than two cards in there is a challenge. The front cover also flips over to tuck into the back to act as a stand, a nifty feature for nightstand use or for putting on your desk at work. Overall the protection offered on the Penna Wallet is a 5/5, great wallet case for those who like them.

The Regen case is the total opposite of the Penna; slim, light, minimal and almost not there. At first sight you’re probably going to be nervous putting this case on your phone. It’s so thin and so almost not there you think it’s not going to offer much if any protection. The reality is, the Regen offers great nominal protection for your phone in a thin and lightweight package. The case has regeneration properties that help it resist scratches so after months of use it won’t look like a dirty piece of plastic. The clear one Ventev sent me is perfect for those who want to keep the look of the iPhone and still protect it. The regeneration effect actually works too for everyday things like change and keys in the pocket. If you take a knife and gouge the case, there’s no turning back, but for light scratching and such, it does resist those very well. The Regen also offers better grip than a naked iPhone 6 Plus, iPhones are slippery and this case has a slight tacky feel to it. Overall the protection offered with Regen is nominal but sufficient for light duty, perfect for those who want to show off the natural look of the iPhone. The Regen grabs a score of 4.5/5


Ventev Powercell 3015C

Who doesn’t need some occasional backup juice? The Ventev Powercell 3015C is a super slim 3000 mAh battery perfect for throwing in your purse or bag. It takes up very little room and has a Lightning cable built right into the unit. Slightly larger than a credit card and about as thin as an iPhone, this battery will give you an extra 12 hours of talk time and 10 hours of browse time. There are plenty of external battery options out there but this Ventev has an awesome aluminum case, great design and is slim and light. Larger capacity batteries have their place and use but sometimes they can get too bulky to carry. The Powercell 3015C is great to throw in the glove box and use in a quick emergency. Overall this little battery packs some great backup power and has a slick looking design. I do wish Ventev would have made this with Lightning and MicroUSB cables. I give the Powercell 3015C a 4.5/5


Wallport q1200

Wallport is a single USB universal charger for any mobile device or tablet and comes with a sweet tangle free flat cable. The Wallport isn’t any old charger either, it charges your devices at their fastest rate for optimum charging. It also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology which charges devices with that feature 75% faster, awesome for some of you Android users out there. The folding AC prongs are a nice touch for travel as well. The input for this charger is 100-240 V AC and the output sits at 5/9/12 V DC, up to 2.1A (15W). Overall this is a great replacement charger to buy, especially those with the quick charge feature, great for travel with the fold away prongs. I give this guy a 5/5 as well.



Dashport is basically the Wallport for your car and yes, it does all the same things as the Wallport. Full Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology support so charge your Android devices with that feature 75% faster. The input for this charger is 10-18 V AC and the output sits at 5/9/12 V DC, up to 2.1A (15W). An excellent car charger, leave your cable at home cause this one comes with another awesome flat cable well designed and well constructed. The only thing I wish Ventev would have done was made this a dual port so you can charge two devices at once. I give this guy 4.5/5



Need a replacement cable for your iPhone? Chargesync is your guy. Much better designed and more rugged than Apple’s own Lightning cable this flat cable not only charges your phone but it can send data and sync as well. This thing also boasts 12W (2.4A) capability so it’s great for tablets as well. Overall a great replacement cable and gets a full 5/5 from me.

Wrap Up

Ventev makes some of the best mobile accessories out there, these selections sent to us are worth the purchase price and are well designed and do exactly what they’re meant to do. I have no qualms recommending any of Ventev’s products, be sure to hit the link below to shop at Ventev’s website or catch them at the Amazon link as well!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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