What’s In The Box!? Loot Crate: August 2015 Edition


Coming off of July’s Heroes 2 theme, it only makes sense that this month’s Loot Crate theme is Villains 2. Like the second heroes box, the villains box is the second similarly themed box of the year in about a year’s time with the first villain box debuting in July of 2014. While last month’s hero box packed a large number of items, this month’s box was a little lighter in terms of quantity, but what it lacks in quantity is made up in quality. Let’s take a look.

Marvel’s Venom or Carnage mug

Starting out this month’s box is a Marvel collectors mug. In the box is either Carnage or Venom’s mug (see what I did there?). Either mug holds 16 ounces of your favorite warm beverage. I received the Venom mug (as you can see below). It should be noted that these are hand-wash only mugs.


Los Pollos Hermanos Apron

For those who’ve seen Breaking Bad, Loss Pollos Hermanos pays homage to fans’ favorite drug laundering restaurant. Whatever you want to cook, do so in style with the apron.


The Joker Wooden Collectible figure

With the Joker making waves in the upcoming Suicide Squad feature film, what better way to pay tribute to one of DC’s most iconic villains than a wooden collectible. The figure comes with interchangeable heads, as well as posable arms.


The Captain America Hydra Pin

While it was a secret for a good portion of the second Captain America movie, The Winter Soldier, those loyal to Red Skull and Hydra are now openly loyal to evil organization. Now you can be as well with the replica Hydra pin made from the digital files of the original movie prop. Hail Hydra.


As always, the crate comes with a monthly collectors pin as well. But other than that, there isn’t much to the box aside from the secret lair of Joker and Harley Quinn printed on the inside of the box. While there wasn’t a lot in this month’s Loot Crate, the items in the box were pretty substantial. The theme for September is Summon with crates shipping out starting Sept. 20. If you’re not a looter, you can head here to sign up. Make sure to use the coupon code SAVE3 to get $3 off your first crate!

What’d you think of this month’s box? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also hit us up on any of our social media accounts, and join us later in the week as we take a look at What’s in the Box for this month’s Marvel Collectors Corp: Secret Wars box. Stay tuned!

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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