Bumpies iPhone 6 Review: Are You A True Minimalist?

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So you call yourself a minimalist. You love clean lines, unobtrusive design and phone cases that are functional but don’t detract from the beauty of the phone you purchased. You often buy slim cases with little to no color or loud designs and certainly with no branding. You favor clear non bulky cases that are barely there. But are you a true minimalist? This is the Bumpies iPhone 6 review which takes a look at the ultimate minimalist iPhone case out there.


Bumpies is about as minimalist as you’re going to get, made of a shock absorbing plastic that’s durable and takes the shock from falls like a champ. Bumpies basically adds no bulk to your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Bumpies lets the design of the iPhone shine through whilst adding great protection all around the device. Bumpies is almost easy to miss because it integrates with the phone smoothly leaving the focus on the Apple design. Bumpies is basically 4 corner nubs for your iPhone and that is the brilliance of its design. Overall, if you’re a true minimalist, this is the design for you.



Bumpies protection is easy to doubt just by looking at the product, but the company has released several videos testing their product and it proves just how resilient Bumpies is. Most device falls end up with the phone impacting on the corners and that’s exactly where Bumpies coverage is concentrated. But even a back or front facing fall your device is protected with all 4 corners taking impact rather than the front of back. To really understand the extent of Bumpies protection you need to watch the videos below.





Wrap Up

Bumpies aren’t for everyone. It takes a huge amount of trust to go this ultra minimalist with your device protection. Bumpies has proven time and again that their design does protect devices and they’re just as good as any nominal case protection out there. You probably aren’t going to use these if you’re in construction or harsh work environments but for everyday use and for minimalist lovers it’s a great look and solution. Hit the link below to order your Bumpies today.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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