Victor Vran Review: An ARPG That’ll Quickly Become A Favourite

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I’m the first to admit that I’m not a huge PC gamer. I do have my favourites but they are few and far between, and I won’t lie – they’re usually Blizzard games. When I first heard about Victor Vran I was intrigued as the gameplay looked similar to one of the games on my favourites list – another action RPG. Find out in this Victor Vran review to see why it has earned a spot on that list.


In the game, you play as Victor Vran – a Demon Hunter who has arrived in the city of Zagoravia to help fight off a demon infestation. While it’s not an overly original story, the way it is told, and the humour present throughout helps make it a decent and fun telling. Throughout your adventures you’ll encounter a number of colourful characters with very different personalities – some dry, some funnier, but they are all really well done and help to move the story along nicely.

One of the many characters you’ll meet in Victor Vran.


I like ARPGs… a lot. The problem is, my favourite one has set the bar pretty high and most others just don’t stand up to it. Victor Vran quickly changed all that. For starters, there is no character class system in the game. As Vran, you change your gameplay style by using different primary and secondary weapons which offer one basic and two special attacks. You can also select from different bombs and demon powers, and various hero outfits and Destiny Cards grant you passive abilities. Suit up with the right combination and some of the attacks can be combined giving you special bonuses.

That’s right… a PUMPKIN HAMMER that spawns pumpkins!

The story does take you through the map in a sequential order, unlocking new areas as needed by the story. Once you’ve unlocked an area however, you can easily go back and visit the dungeons located there. Each dungeon has 5 specific challenges which grant XP or other rewards when completed. Once you’ve completed them all, you can apply up to five different Hex items to make the dungeons even more difficult by granting mobs improved strength, damage, or even causing Vran to lose health periodically.

Weapons, demon power skills, and Destiny Cards – as well as gold – drop from mob kills or chests throughout the game. The higher level you get, the more Destiny points you have to equip the cards giving you different bonuses such as restoring health per kill or increasing your armour. You can even pause mid fight and equip different weapons or skills based on the fight you are facing. Enemies range in variety and abilities, so you’ll have to change up often in order to find the right combination for the best results.

Enemies have many different abilities you’ll be facing.

It’s a small thing but yes, you can jump in the game. You’ll need it too as each area also has secrets which when discovered reveal a secret chest that you open for (hopefully) epic loot. Pretty much anything in the game is destroyable as well, offering even more avenues to get more gold or items. There is also a transmutation system in game to improve the quality of your existing items, and you can even dye your hero outfit with different colour dye packs.

Levelling up will grant you access to new things like more Destiny points for equipping cards, new cards, Hexes, and more. Often you’ll have to choose between a reward for levelling up so choose carefully!


The graphics in Victor Vran are pretty decent, and the game runs smooth – even on my laptop. At first I kind of wished that the dialogue sequences were more dynamic but over time I actually grew to like the different art style when new characters were introduced and didn’t mind the slide styled sequences.

The in-game graphics are interspersed with great art styles in the cutscenes and character dialogue sequences.


Here’s a fact for you Witcher lovers – the voice of Victor Vran is one and the same as Geralt of Rivia. That aside, the voice acting is great as is the humour interlaced throughout. Sound effects are bang on and the background music isn’t overbearing and fits nicely with the setting while creating the right atmosphere at the right times.


What’s an ARPG without multiplayer? Not much to be honest. Victor Vran currently features 4-player co-op, and the developer has indicated that a local Co-op multiplayer mode is in the works that will allow two players to play on the same system. I only tried the multiplayer a few times and it worked well, I didn’t notice any lag and it was pretty easy to get matched quickly with other players.


Victor Vran is a fantastic ARPG for seasoned and beginning players alike. The levelling and skill system is well done and easy to understand, and the addition of the Hexes and challenges allow gamers to make the game as difficult as they want. If you’re an ARPG fan of games like Diablo, you’ll definitely want to check out Victor Vran.

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***We were sent a review copy of Victor Vran for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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