Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Headphones Review: Slick, Sleek & Sick

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I have to admit, before I started doing headphone reviews here on Techaeris, I didn’t consume music through headphones very often. Now that I’ve been through a few of these reviews I’m appreciating the difference in the headphone experience versus simply listening through speakers. After going through several different pairs of headphones you start to understand the nuances of each set and manufacturer. I still wouldn’t consider myself a true raging audiophile but I am appreciating a good pair of headphones more and more. So read on ahead for the Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Headphones review.



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Monster’s design of the DNA Pro 2.0’s is slick, sleek and sick. These are headphones designed to be noticed with slick materials, sleek lines and sick sound. Made of carbon fiber, plastics and some metal the construction is solid and feels like it will hold up over years of use. Nothing feels cheap about these headphones. The materials used on the cups are soft and easy on the ears. The headband cushion is also extremely comfortable and I was able to wear these for hours without any complaints. Branding on the side of the headphones is nice, a subtle logo and up along the support you find DNA and the Monster logo. I could have probably done without the large Monster emblazoned across the top but then not many people will see the top anyway. Overall the design is nice, not for everyone but if you like the Beats type of design you’ll likely love these.



The DNA Pro 2.0’s are wired over ear headphones so you won’t find Bluetooth here but I’ve come to appreciate the value of wired over Bluetooth. The other four pairs of headphones I have are all Bluetooth and the only ones that truly sound spectacular over Bluetooth are the Parrot Zik 2.0’s. So having no Bluetooth on the DNA’s was OK by me. Monster says the DNA’s ear cups are made special for passive noise cancelling and keep the music in and the noise out. The DNA’s also come with a second AUX port with an included coil cable for sharing your music with friends. A flat no tangle cable is also included with Control Talk for Apple devices but also works with other devices, see chart below:



Sound Quality

OK, so this is where you want to see if these babies are worth the money. Well, everyone has to make the determination on their own on whether or not something is worth investing in but I can safely say that the DNA Pro 2.0’s have some sick sound. Being wired helps a lot, no Bluetooth quality loss to worry about and the included cables do a great job of carrying the signal from device to headphones. I was also very impressed with the passive noise cancellation of the cup materials, I wasn’t expecting as good a result as I got. The Zik 2.0’s active noise cancellation is awesome and while these DNA’s aren’t quite on par with those, they’re pretty close for being passive only.

“Pure Monster Sound” may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea and if you have an equalizer on your music app you can adjust to your preferences. I chose to stick it out with Monster’s setup within the hardware just as is and I loved it. Everything seemed balanced well, nothing overpowering anything else. You may want more or less of something so tweaking your apps equalizer will help you reign that in. But overall the sound quality in the Monster’s is pretty awesome, noise cancelling is really up there for a passive design and even at high volumes I didn’t experience any sound breakdown. Overall, great sound and with a price coming in at $280 it should be.


Wrap Up

Monster is one of those companies people either love or hate, I’m sure there will be some social media comments or even comments here supporting or denouncing them. Monster has always commanded higher prices for their gear and I think the DNA Pro’s are very nearly worth the asking price. Monster could consider pricing them down a bit lower just for the lack of Bluetooth but really, Bluetooth isn’t always better for sound. I would have loved to see this coming in at $249 (Amazon has them for $119 at the time of this posting).

Overall, the sound quality and passive noise cancellation on these make them worth the purchase if you’re in the market for over ear wired cups. Love the way they fold up and store away in the including carrying bag and they’re ultra comfortable for easy wearing for hours. Highly recommended if you’re willing to pay the price.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Monster DNA Pro 2.0’s for the purpose of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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