Deadpool Sequel Already In The Works?

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Could one of the most anticipated movies of next year already be in talks for a part two? If you’re talking about Fox’s Deadpool, then yes, this is exactly what is happening.

The film, starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc With The Mouth, has been strongly sought after by the fans for years, surviving the blasphemous final appearance in X-Men OriginsWolverine, Reynolds’ less than stellar performance in DC Comics’ Green Lantern, and a potentially plot killing film rating. Now that its release is getting closer to reality, it is difficult to imagine Deadpool being anything but a massive success for the fans and the box office.

Fox Studios sees this as well, and have already begun talks for a sequel, according to writer and producer Simon Kinberg. He says that the thought of a second Deadpool film has been in their minds even during the process of creating the first one.

“We certainly are talking about the sequel,” Kinberg said. “We were talking about the sequel while we were making the movie just because when you make a film like this that’s from a serialized source material, you hope that it’s the first of many.”

As Kinberg stated, there is unlikely to be any comic book property that is converted to film with the intention of being a one-off flick, with the exception of The Watchmen, which was only a 12-issue miniseries to begin with. Also, history has shown that sequels are not always a given, as shown by the aformentioned Green Lantern, 2003’s The Hulk, and most recently Fantastic Four, which Kinberg also produced. While Kinberg is admittedly disappointed with the fan reaction to that film, he believes that Deadpool will not suffer the same fate.

“I have seen a rough cut of Deadpool and it’s fantastic,” Kinberg said. “It delivers on the promise of the trailer. We really committed and leaned into it being R-rated. It’s just darker and edgier and weirder in the best way–like Deadpool should be–than any other movie in the genre.”

While it is premature to get into the potential plot of the unofficial Deadpool 2, a character that is likely to make his big screen debut is Cable. Both Kinberg and director Tim Miller have mentioned him as something to watch for in the case of a sequel.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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