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Titan Loop Lightning Connector Key-Chain Review: Strong Like Bull


It’s nice to have an extra USB/Lightning cable around for when you need to charge or sync something up from your iPhone. But sometimes you’re out someplace that might be a little rough, hiking, camping, biking, places like that. The problem with your Apple supplied cable is, it’s pretty easy to break or damage in those environments. Enter the Titan Loop.

strong_like_bullThe Titan Loop is a nifty little gadget that’s made of the same type of material you find on gooseneck mic stands. It’s durable and flexible and can take a good beating. The Titan Loop extends out about 9 inches so you can hook up your iPhone with ease to a external battery pack or your laptop or car charger. It’s flexibility allows you to loop it around and use it as a key-chain if you’d like.

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I found the Titan Loop to be a useful gadget for those who prefer to rough it, great for camping trips and outdoor life. It will stand up to your abuse and it loops through and secures to your backpacks and gear very easily. I didn’t see it as useful as a key-chain as it’s rather bulky and I prefer the least amount of bulk in my pocket when carrying keys

Overall Titan Loop is a grade A product, it has its applications and it’s great for a certain audience. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it will certainly fill the need for some of you out there. Hit the link below to buy your Titan Loop and let us know how you like it!

Titan Loop Lightning Connector Key-Chain
4 Out of 5
Ease of Use4.00
*We were sent a demo unit of the Titan Loop for the purpose of this review.
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