onanoff Sound Cover Review And Giveaway: A Different Spin On A Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth speakers were once an emerging accessory in the technology market. You could find them here and there but they weren’t everywhere. Now days Bluetooth speakers have saturated the market like locusts in a biblical plague. Everyone from Bose to the cheapest Chinese accessory website are making these little boxes of sound. There’s not much you can do other than improve sound to make your speaker be noticed. But one company found a way to just do that, this is the onanoff Sound Cover review.


  • Increasing volume by up to 400%
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • High quality sound, perfect for music, video games or movies
  • Boosting the bass and the clarity levels.
  • 3300mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, Battery life (over 15 hours)
  • Solid and stylish protection
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight and modern design, suitable for multiple occasions.
  • Automatic Sleep | Wake function
  • Ultra-thin, 14mm
  • Lightweight 570gr.
  • Microphone
  • Fits the iPad Air 1 & 2



onanoff’s design is an attempt at replicating Apple design and since this is intended to work with the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 that makes perfect sense. The Sound Cover is a mix of aluminium and plastics that feel good in the hand and are solidly put together. The front sound plate is pretty sturdy but it’s probably a good idea to be careful so as not to damage the speaker behind the panel. Power and volume buttons are located on the front panel and the rear panel kicks out to hold it like a stand. Overall it’s a good design and high quality with one minor negative and that’s its thickness. While making it thinner would probably make the sound not as great, it would have been nice to have a thinner profile. The Sound Cover also has a built in microphone so you can take calls with it. Battery life is decent enough, I averaged around 15.5 hours which falls into their claimed 15 hours.

The Sound Cover is made for iPad, meaning you can clip your iPad into it and use it as a cover to transport both the iPad and the Sound Cover. While the speaker will work with any tablet or smartphone, the cover part is made only for the iPad. You can still use it with any Bluetooth enabled device but just as a speaker. The cover part for the iPad is a nice handy touch for iPad owners. It will protect your iPad but a hard fall may cause the iPad to pop out. The idea is great but limited to iPad users only.


Sound Quality

This is the meat and potatoes here, you’re not going to buy a speaker that doesn’t have good sound. I’m pleased to say that the Sound Cover delivers in the sound category, a good balanced sound is accomplished with this unit with a slight bassy touch. The volume level is pretty nice, you can really turn it up without any cracking and noise. I think using a balanced sound on bluetooth speakers is the way to go, if you offer EQ’s or the ability to adjust levels it really would make the sound bad. A speaker of this size just can’t be tweaked to push a lot of bass, it would sound awful. onanoff did great in creating a great sound especially at high volumes. I’ve said it before about Bluetooth speakers, this isn’t going to fuel a full on house party but it is great for small rooms in an intimate gathering.


Retailing in at $199 the Sound Cover isn’t cheap. As a speaker it is priced a little higher than some Bluetooth speaker offerings but it also does offer a bit better sound than your run of the mill Bluetooth speaker. I think iPad owners will find more value in the Sound Cover due to it’s ability to clip on to the iPad itself and make it into a carrying case of sorts. Overall if you’re an iPad owner I think you might consider this speaker/cover and if you like a good quality sounding speaker you should also consider this speaker.

Wrap Up

The Sound Cover has incredible sound, offers a handy way to carry your iPad, and should be a consideration if you’re in the Bluetooth speaker market. Just be aware that the cover part only works with iPads but the speaker will work with any Bluetooth device.

The SoundCover automatically syncs to your iPad when you open the kickstand, and allows you to wirelessly control music from your tablet from up to 33 feet away. When the music is over, simply clip your iPad into the SoundCover with the screen facing in. Your iPad’s screen will be protected from scratches and will automatically switch off to conserve battery life. SoundCover will house your iPad in a slim package to conveniently transport your mini sound system to the next location. The SoundCover can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device, and is designed to carry iPad Air and iPad Air 2. It is available in Silver, Gold and Tactical Black

Giveaway & Special Discount

Please see the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway! Be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter to qualify. If you would like to order a Sound Cover today you can get 20% off your purchase PLUS FREE shipping by using discount code TECHAERIS at checkout!

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*We were sent a demo unit of the onanoff Sound Cover for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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