Anki OVERDRIVE Racing Onto Store Shelves

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Move over slot car racing, Anki OVERDRIVE is racing onto store shelves. What makes Anki OVERDRIVE so tempting? Using a combination of robotics and AI programming, Anki blends the best of toys and videogames into a one-of-a kind entertainment racing experience.

Players control supercars using their mobile devices and race against friends, family, and even AI controlled commanders on an innovative magnetic modular track system. The track system allows gamers to quickly switch it up and build new race courses and battlefields.

“This has been an exciting journey for us as we’ve embarked into a new territory of consumer robotics,” said Boris Sofman, Anki co-founder and CEO. “Last year, we were very fortunate to see a tremendous response to Anki DRIVE, but that was just the beginning. We’ve taken that original concept and improved on it in every single way to bring a new level of physical play that further blends the worlds of robotics, toys, and videogames into something truly magical. Anki OVERDRIVE means so much more to us in that it not only represents the future of how we play but how these technologies can help enhance our daily lives.”

Anki OVERDRIVE features numerous game modes, including Race, Battle, King of the Hill, and Time Trial. Gamers can also go up against AI commanders in order to become the Anki OVERDRIVE tournament champion. Players will be able to customize their Supercar’s speed, weapons, and defenses by earning Loot Crates. More game modes and features will be added after launch at no additional cost. The new Anki OVERDRIVE app will also be compatible with the original Anki DRIVE set from last year.

Priced at $149.99USD, the set comes with two Supercars and 10 separate FlexTrack pieces which allow gamers to build a total of eight different battle course configurations. A Speed Bundle is also available with extra tracks, car, and other items for $249.99USD. Tracks can be expanded by adding expansion track packs, which vary in cost between $10-$30USD per pack, and unique robotic Supercars can be purchased for $49.99USD.

What do you think about Anki OVERDRIVE? Is it something you’re thinking about picking up? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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