HOOK Review: A Refreshing Change Of Pace

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Let’s talk about smartphone games for a minute. It’s already been established that I’m not very good at playing games. As I’ve mentioned before I have yet to finish the original Zelda or Super Mario. The biggest reason why I’m not very good is hand-eye coordination. As in I don’t have any.

But I’m okay with that. I’ve come to terms with it (or at least paid enough in therapy bills to be able to say that). But I still love playing. I love experiencing the games, and I especially love games that make me think (Monument Valley for example – will review that next time).

Recently I stumbled upon a little game called HOOK. it’s a fairly simple (both in graphics and gameplay) little game where you are trying to ‘unravel’ a mess on the screen. Let me give you a quick example, you have a screen with big dots and a couple heavy dark lines. One of those lines has a bump in it that goes around the end of the other dark line (just look at the graphic below).


You play by tapping the big dot to pull in the dark heavy line, but you have to do so in the right order. Try to pull in the line with the bump before it’s free and clear and you fail the level and have to start over.

As you finish levels it gets more and more complex, adding in switchs, ‘wireless’, and overlapping lines (you have to remove them from top down). It helped me to think of it as a series of electrical circuits. Especially when the switches came into play since they let the player direct where the ‘current’ goes.


Overall it’s not a complex game but it does use your brain a lot more than say flinging birds at pigs, and games like this are ones I truly enjoy playing. And can actually finish. As I did with this one. In a day (it’s only 50 levels but still).

So if you like thinking games, or want to take a break from building up your city of dragons, or just want to try something new give HOOK a shot. It’s on all the mobile platforms and is in Steam, and you can’t beat the price of $0.99. So no excuse 😉

***We reviewed a retail copy of Hook which was purchased by the reviewer

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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