iPhone 6s Plus Random Crashes iOS 9.0.1

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are_you_kidding_meSo I’ve had my iPhone 6s Plus 64GB for less than a week and one of the first things I was prompted to do was install iOS 9.0.1. Since I’ve had the phone I’ve experienced four random crashes on iOS 9.0.1. I’m talking pure black screen, home button, power button did nothing to wake the phone. I’ve had to resort to power button and home button combo press to get any response from it. I’ve done some searching and haven’t found much information from any others on the Interwebs. Apple just pushed out another iOS update and I just installed iOS 9.0.2 which fixes several things including the lockscreen bug where a person with physical access to an iOS device may be able to access photos and contacts from the lock screen.

For now I’m going to roll with iOS 9.0.2 and see what happens over the next few days, if the problem persists I’ll be hitting my local Apple store. In the meantime, I am curious if any of our readers have experienced iPhone 6s Plus random crashes on iOS 9.0.1, or even if you have an iPhone 6s. Does your device crash and cannot be recovered without pressing both the home and power buttons? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. I’m very curious to see if this is an issue. Thanks!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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