New Xbox One Experience Faster Than PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.0

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It’s looking like the New Xbox One Experience, currently in testing and working through the bugs, is much faster than the current Xbox One interface and is even faster than the new PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.0 update.

Reddit user dieklobrille ran a series of tests on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to see just how much faster the New Xbox One experience really is, after all Xbox has repeatedly stated that one of the main goals of the dashboard redesign was to make the interface much faster. Turns out it really is, and faster than the recently released PlayStation 4 update.

Just for testing purposes sometimes I did the same task twice on the consoles – and the results were always a little bit different due to variable loading or delay times. I just wrote down all the times from the very first test. So this is just for fun and nothing that people should take too serious, especially since this is still in Beta. The measurements were done quick and dirty. People may get better or worse times depending on their button click performance, HDD and internet connection. I should add that I’m on a 50 Mbit connection with a 13 ms ping. The main reason why the NXOE is faster on pretty much everything is the new Guide that gets pretty much instantly snapped and performs very smooth after todays update. It scrolls instantly, there is no delay between switching from party to friendlist and the overall menu transition animations are much shorter. The PS4 UI is also super smooth and the differences are pretty minor here.

Only the task times with the current public Xbox One UI sometimes are really bad. The overall experience really is not compareable to any of the other two consoles, because sometimes you just need to wait for something to load way too long. That said, the OS team at Xbox has done a pretty good job with the NXOE – especially with the focus on social interactions being accessible in a matter of seconds.

dieklobrille provided a quick chart as well showing the results he capture on the first test he did.


I can’t wait to get my hands on the NXOE, if you’re in the beta let us know if you’re finding that the NXOE is that much faster than the existing Xbox One dashboard in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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