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Microsoft didn’t give us anything new on the Xbox front during their #Windows10Devices presentation today, just the usual preview of the upcoming holiday season Xbox One games line up, bundles, backwards compatibility, and new dashboard. What Microsoft did give gamers though was a jaw dropping demo of HoloLens and a little game called Project X-Ray.

To recap, HoloLens is a pair of see-through HD holographic lenses, and is the world’s first holographic processing unit that runs fully untethered with no wires, phones, or PC connection required.

With the introduction of HoloLens, Microsoft is aiming to bring digital experiences into our real world. Part of that goal is to bring what the company is calling mixed reality entertainment. Project X-Ray has been developed internally at Microsoft, and HoloLens employees have been playing it at home with their families.

So just what is Project X-Ray? With HoloLens, any room in your house is turned into a playable level. Because every room is unique, each game is customized to you. Fire up the game, and you strap on a wearable holographic gauntlet that you can use to shoot holes in the wall, shoot at robots and drones that burst through said walls, and even dodge enemy shots as they try and take you down. Oh, and you can even equip a holographic shield to help you deflect those shots.

Fight drones in your living room…
…watch out! They can come from anywhere!

Using spatial sound, you hear the sound all around you and are further immersed in the holographic experience. Holograms can also interact with the environment and each other, with mixed reality entertainment you never really know what’s just around the corner.

Microsoft is now accepting applications for HoloLens Development Kits which will be available in Q1 of 2016 for the low price of $3000USD.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what else they come up with for HoloLens. Let us know what you thought about the Project X-Ray demo in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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