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Let’s face it, you don’t like ads… and we don’t like ads either, but they are part of what allows us to pay the upkeep it takes to operate our sites. That being said, Techaeris and our sister site MOARGeek are not your average run of the mill websites, we’re special in one particular way. We actually care about the user experience our users are having. You see, many of the other sites you may visit on a daily basis have a plethora of advertising constantly hitting you and interrupting the content that you’re trying to consume, we don’t do that. We rely on Google AdSense and one Stacksocial widget and that is all, no pop ups, no video ads, no audio ads, and no full screen shouts for attention. We like to keep it that way and you can help us keep it that way by checking out Google Contributor.

Google Contributor is a way to nearly turn off ads on the websites you visit. You contribute a monthly fixed amount and that gets divided up to the sites you visit most. OR, you can choose which websites get your contributions and only those sites will get your money and only those sites will have ads blocked. Sure you can use a browser adblocker and those work well, but if you feel that the content someone is creating is worth an investment, this is one way to help fund those content creators you love to follow, like us. Getting started is really easy, just head over to Google Contributor and follow these steps! Sorry, unfortunately it appears to be U.S. only at the time being.

Step 1: Get Started!


Step 2: Read Introduction & Sign Up


Step 3: Choose Contribution Amount


Step 4: Read Terms & Conditions And Agree


Step 5: Enter Payment Information


Step 6: Use Default Settings

At this point you can simply go with Google’s default settings which divides up your contribution between any sites you visit that are in the Contributor program.

Step 7: Advanced Settings Choose Who Gets Your Funds

Click on Settings wheel and then click Advanced Settings and setup the websites you like to contribute to directly.


Step 8: Watch Ads Disappear

At this point you should be set and it won’t take long for the ads on your chosen sites to be replaced with a banner that simply says “Thank you for being a Contributor,” and trust us, we mean that!


And that’s it! If you like to help out our site by being a Contributor simply head over to Google Contributor and sign up!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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