Echo Connect Review: Reliable Power For Your Devices

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Life is increasingly being lived on the go by more of us and that life demands power and connectivity. As our smartphones become smarter and tablets become hungrier it’s inevitable that at some point they’re going to need a boost in energy. That’s where Echo Connect products want to step in to lend you a hand. With a wide range of power solutions Echo has something for everyone and this is our review of four Echo Connect products.

Echo Connect Key

Coming in at £20 ($38.64USD) the Echo Connect Key is a brilliant compact connection solution for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Small enough to fit right on your keychain this device sports a microUSB and Lightning connector to USB to charge your device on a Mac or PC. The Echo Connect Key also supports data transfer and data syncing for those of you who like to move files from your mobile to your computer. Echo has also built in what they call the “either or switch” which prevents charging both a microUSB and iOS device at the same time to protect against data transfer between devices. The Echo Connect Key is similar to other devices on the market but this one is MFI certified as well as having the ability to do Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Overall the Key is a great and handy little tool to have on a keychain when you need to plug in quick and don’t have a cable.


Echo PowerConnect 4000mAh Battery

The Echo PowerConnect 4000 is a slim external battery that has Apple’s MFI certification but also sports a microUSB connection for both Android and Windows Phone devices. The PowerConnect comes in at £29 ($44.43 USD). With an extra 4000mAh of power in your pocket you should be able to power up an iPhone 6s or equivalent at least a couple of times. The iPhone 6s Plus or Galaxy Note 5 will charge but you’re likely going to suck up most of the juice powering those devices. The biggest advantage the PowerConnect has is in how slim and small it is. Echo also includes a short microUSB to USB connector to charge your PowerConnect an addition that was surprising to see but is actually pretty cool. Overall the PowerConnect 4000 performs very well and for the size of the product it packs a decent amount of backup juice.


Echo PowerConnect Mini 1600mAh Battery

The Echo PowerConnect Mini is even slimmer and more compact than the 4000 and still is able to get your iPhone or equivalent to a mostly full charge. The Mini Comes in at two different price points. There is one specific to Apple Devices which runs £25 ($38.30 USD) and one for MicroUSB devices which runs £20 ($30.63 USD). The Apple version clocks in a bit higher due to the MFI certification. The Mini is a solid performer and can keep you lit up for at least one cycle on your smart device. Overall the Mini is like a smaller 4000 and even easier to carry.


Wrap Up

Echo is making some decent products which you should take a look at and consider. They’re well built and in my opinion among the best on the market. Pricing is a bit aggressive which may put some buyers off but they are worth the asking price. Check out Echo’s products at the links below.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Echo Connect for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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