Ventev Chargestand Combo Phone Stand And Travel Battery

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Ventev is one of the third party accessory makers we’ve featured on Techaeris a few times and one whose products we’ve really enjoyed. Not only are their products high quality, the attention to detail is evident and appreciated. Now the company has come up with a new product solution with the Ventev Chargestand. Currently the project is being funded via Indiegogo and has met its goal by 133% with 24 days to go. With an innovative design and forward thinking utility the Ventev Chargestand aims to be your external battery and docking solution.



The two key features of the Chargestand are its ability to be used as a travel external battery to power your device as well as converting to a stand to place your device. The Chargestand will be made for both iOS and Android so everyone will benefit from the convenience of having a cable free docking station. When we say cable free this means the Chargestand can be used on your desk to charge your device without it having to be plugged in, since it has a battery inside. Of course you’ll have to take time out to charge the internal battery once it is drained, but that is expected.


The main idea behind Chargestand is plugging it in overnight by the side of your bed which will power both the device and internal battery. When you leave in the morning you take both the Chargestand and device with you and use it in your work space when needed. The Chargestand is a simple but brilliant compact solution that will keep your devices powered up. Hit the link below to support the Indiegogo and get in on the ground floor of this one.


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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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