iPhone 6s Shutdowns Continue, User Frustration Starting To Show

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Well it’s happened again, a rash of iPhone 6s shutdowns continues to plague iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users. How do I know this for fact? The issue is happening to me and I was one of the first tech journalists to write about it. Now the issue is gaining traction as sites like ZDNet, Pocketnow, Reddit, MacRumors and even the Apple forums have been hit with people complaining about the same issue. Pocketnow says they have no issues with the phones they have in their “labs” but that is not the case in my “lab,” better known as day to day use.

After dealing with the issue for a few weeks and after dinging the new iPhone in my full review because of it, I finally took my device into Apple for replacement. Much to my surprise, because I’ve never had an issue with Apple replacing a device, they refused to replace it saying their diagnostics show nothing wrong with the device. The “Genius” at the store proceeded to shovel well written Apple PR at me blaming Settings being stuck. I need to head home and do one of two things, or both if one doesn’t work.

The “Genius” said my first course of action was to go to Settings > General > Reset All Settings and that should solve any issues I may be having. I did this as instructed (which makes for a frustrating succession of apps asking for permissions again), and the phone went black screen again within a few hours.  You can imagine my frustration. The “Genius'” second solution isn’t the most elegant and is sure to be a huge pain in the arse. A complete reset of the phone, no restoring from backups. I’ve not tried this “solution” yet and frankly I’m not certain it’s going to work at all which will leave me starting from scratch and a lot to restore.

So far I’ve seen no real solution to the problem, Pocketnow says that Apple has reportedly acknowledged the problem but I find that acknowledgment no where. At first I thought I was just having a few glitches with the phone but now that the issue has been more widely reported, this is an issue Apple needs to acknowledge and provide a solution for. In the meantime, I’m getting up the courage to reset my iPhone 6s Plus and start over as a brand new phone. We’re contacting Apple for comment but our requests are usually not answered.

Are you having iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6s shutdowns? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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