NextDesk Upgrades With Integrated Harman Kardon Sound


Let’s face it, we sit down way too much and we’re all suffering for it. That’s why companies like NextDesk are making adjustable desks which offer users the ability to adjust their desk position from standing to sitting and everything in between. Now Next Desk wants to make your desk experience sound even better by partnering with Harman Kardon. By adding integrated right and left speakers along with a subwoofer mounted under the desk, your office tunes will be sure to sing.

Apple Pro Speakers courtesy Dremel Junkie

The design reminds me of the old Apple Pro speakers that came out with the G4 Cube but slightly updated to fit into the design of the Next Desk. It’s a serious upgrade to an awesome desk, sound in the office (depending on your office) is important, and if you can get away with immersive sound then this is a great upgrade.


Technically, the NextDesk sound system is “multimedia,” but once you hear it perform, you’ll realize it could easily become your primary audio system. With 40 watts of amplification producing rich, realistic sound, Harman Kardon for NextDesk offers strong bass output that makes all your music sound great – no matter where the audio is coming from. And with the NextDesk integrated down-firing subwoofer and amplifiers matched to the individual speakers, you can rest assured that each speaker will get exactly what it needs to deliver a consistent, optimal performance.


The NextDesk Harman Kardon system makes it easy for you to interact with your subwoofer and “sticks,” offering sensitive touch controls for raising, lowering or muting the system volume. By responding to the gentle touch of your fingertip, this intuitive design feature makes your system easy to operate, and keeps this work of audio “art” in the best possible condition.


There’s many more features on the Next Desk/Harman Kardon combo, you’ll have to hit their website for more info. But if you’re in the market for a really nice adjustable desk with killer sound, this might be something worth looking at.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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