Is Your New iPhone Shutting Down On Its Own? This Might Fix It

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Is your new iPhone shutting down on its own? This fix might be what you’re looking for but it is not a pretty picture. I’ve written two other articles on my adventure with the new iPhone 6s Plus and included it in my review of the device. Almost immediately upon receiving the new iPhone 6s Plus I started experiencing random shut downs but could not bring the phone back to life with the power or home buttons. I was having to hard reset the phone using the home/power button combo, holding those down for 5 seconds together brought the phone back to life.

I was experiencing shut downs nearly everyday and that’s a problem when you’re in the middle of doing something. I took my device into the Apple Store and the “genius” ran the Apple diagnostic on the phone which said the hardware was all in good shape. Their suggestion to me was to reset all settings which would clear passwords and revert all app settings back to stock. Their second suggestion was to do a complete wipe and setup as a new iPhone, which means everything is gone at that point. Neither proposal sounded appealing to me so I left the Apple Store with a choice to make.


Not more than a few hours after leaving the Apple Store the phone shut down again at this point I was frustrated enough to reset all settings. The deed was done, settings reset, let’s hope the shut downs stop. The next day, less than 24 hours, the phone shut down again. I wrote a second article on the matter and wrestled with the painful truth that I would eventually need to wipe and setup as a new iPhone. Something that is no fun when you have a lot apps.

So nearly 48 hours ago I wiped and setup my iPhone 6s Plus as a brand new device and thus far I have not experienced a shut down with the phone at all. It’s very possible one of the many apps I had installed was causing these random shut downs or very possible my backup was corrupt in some way. Either way, it’s been nice not having my phone shut down once or more a day. If you’re experiencing your new iPhone shutting down you may want to try the wipe and restore as new method. It’s not difficult as you will just be setting up as a new phone but be prepared for the aftermath of downloading apps and setting up passwords and everything else. In the meantime, if my device shuts down again, I will certainly follow up this post with a new report…for now all is well.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > confirm you want to do this, after the iPhone is erased just setup as a new iPhone. *We are not responsible if your phone keels over and dies or for any other damage that may occur. 

Let us know in the comments below if you’re having these issues with your iPhone and how you fixed them.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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