Xur’s Location For Oct. 23-24 And What He’s Selling

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Well it’s Friday and Destiny players will be curious as to Xur’s Location for Oct. 23-24. This week Xur is getting his dance on as he’s chilling out in Tower East in the club underneath the hangar. The Agent of the Nine is selling a number of helmets this weekend. He also has a few engrams for those Destiny players who like to take their chances. Let’s take a look.

Empyrean Bellicose


First up this week is the Empyrean Bellicose. This is a shiny (knight-like) Titan helmet that offers a pretty interesting perk for Titans. Much like the sunsinger perk of the warlock class, Titans now have the ability to hover in the air for a brief time when they aim with their weapon thanks to the Antigrav Thrusters. Whether it’s PvE or Crucible, stopping mid-air to fire off a precision shot can be pretty fun.

Cost: 13 Strange Coins

Mask of the Third Man


Blade Dancers will want to grab this helmet as its main perk is right up your alley. The unstable current perk of the Mask of the Third Man benefits Blade Dancers in that it costs less per Arc Blade swipe giving Hunters a chance to get in a few more kills before their super runs out.

Cost: 13 Strange Coins

Skull of Dire Ahamkara


Voidwalker Warlocks will enjoy using the Skull of Dire Ahamkara. The main perk of this helmet is that warlocks who use the Nova Bomb super will take less damage in doing so. Warlocks will also have improved siphon abilities thanks to the Delusions of Grandeur perk.

Cost: 13 Strange Coins

Exotic Body Armor Engram


For those who like to gamble, Xur is also selling body armor engrams of the exotic variety. If you’re over 300 light level, you have a chance of snagging a chest piece at 310, which can be infusion fodder or replace that lower light level item.

Cost: 19 Strange Coins

Legacy Engram


Another week down and another chance for you to snag a Heavy Weapon Legacy Engram. If you’ve missed your chance the last few weeks —as he’s sold the same engram for a few weeks in a row now — now’s your chance to get that year one heavy weapon you’re missing from your full collection of year one weapons.

Cost: 31 Strange Coins


In Xur’s stable of wares, he has two sparrow upgrades. This week he has the Void Drive and Emerald Coil up for sale. These will upgrade your rare sparrows into legendary versions with different color speeder trails — purple and green this week. Those are available for 23 Strange Coins each.

Also in his wares are heavy ammo synths for one Strange Coin each. He also has the usual Three of Coins for seven Strange Coins each and the Glass Needles for three Strange Coins plus three Motes of Light and one Exotic Shard. If you’re low on Motes of Light, you can exchange two Strange Coins for one Mote.

Xur will only be getting his groove on until 1 a.m. PST (4 a.m EST), so head to the club under the hangar and take a look at what he’s packing.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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