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It looks like we’re getting our first look at Apple Music for Android. Apple has made strides to appeal to non-iOS — read: Android users — consumers as of late. With its first app, the company received some silly backlash over the release, but that’s not stopping Apple from moving forward with the release of Apple Music for Android. While we haven’t seen an official announcement of the app, some invites were sent out late last month. Since that time, we haven’t seen nor heard much regarding the fabled Android app.

Today though, we’re getting our first leaked screenshots of the new Android app. Given the secrecy of the beta testing — Apple has yet to officially announce anything regarding the matter — someone decided to release screenshots of the app in action adding a bit of weight to the possibility that Android users will have a new music service to choose from. From the screens below, you’ll see that the beta test appears to be from a German user and it offers a number of features.


From what we see, Beats 1 radio and Apple Music Connect — the service that allows artists to create blogs to connect with their fans — and music recommendations. Other music owned by users appears to be integrated as well, however, streaming iTunes in the Cloud tests have seen server-side issues.


There’s no telling when we’ll see Apple Music for Android and there’s a small possibility that these images could be faked. As it currently could be in what appears to be a somewhat sealed beta, we may not know or see anything for a while. Apple would most likely benefit from having the app available on as many operating systems as possible. This is especially the case when you think about the number of cross-platform streaming services available, like All Access from Google, Slacker or Spotify.

There are other questions that need to be answered, too. Will we see a three-month trial period for Android users or will they have to opt-in to the $9.99 per month fee right out the gate? Will there be any iOS exclusives for Apple Music or will Android users see the exact same experience on their version? Only time will tell we suppose.

If Apple Music for Android hits the Play Store, will you download it? Do you prefer another streaming service for your music needs? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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