Techaeris v4.0: A Better, Faster, Cleaner User Experience


In case you hadn’t, noticed we’ve changed some things up over the past several hours in our neck of the interwebs. Last night we rolled out Techaeris v4.0 which is going to offer you a better, faster, cleaner user experience than ever before. We’re very proud of all the hard work the editing team, writing team and myself have put into this effort, and we sincerely hope your time with us just got even better.

One of our biggest changes is our logo. It is much different than before and much cleaner. Our old logo was great and it served us well but the new logo symbolizes growth and new adventure. Our hawk (Aeris) has taken off into a brave new world ready to hunt and fight for his place among the savage land that is the tech website frontier. We’re in a tremendous state of growth, and we’ve taken flight and don’t aim to come down.

So you might think, why a new design? Didn’t you just change it not long ago? We did, but like all things, you learn as you grow. Our previous design was a bit heavy and clunky making it, at times, a bad experience for users.

The new design is much lighter and cleaner than our old design and should have faster load times for a better browsing experience. Pair that with the fact we run an ad-limited model, everything should be working smooth as butter. The design is totally responsive and should adapt to whatever device you’re using from desktop to smartphone. We tested the site on OS X, Windows and Linux using the latest Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox browsers and all should render nicely. You may have issues on older versions of Internet Explorer which are usually not supported, so apologies for that.

We’ve also added new reviews boxes that share our scores for the devices and gadgets we review here on Techaeris. We’ve improved the commenting system by adding Disqus which has significantly increased engagement on site rather than on social media. We’re working with Graphiq to add value to the information we’re bringing you and add more attention to detail. The design is done but the improvements are on going. We want you to have the best user experience of any technology website out there, and we hope you return time and again.

If you like what we’re doing here and love that we’re continually improving the user experience, please consider funding our site using Patreon. There you can pledge a monthly amount to our site which will fund our expenses and hopefully fund these websites as full time jobs. You can pledge any amount you wish or choose one of the tiered pledge amounts, it’s all up to you. We thank you for reading Techaeris and our sister site MOARGeek and we thank our current supporters as well as you who are thinking of supporting. But we also thank those who aren’t supporting monetarily. While supporting us through Patreon is huge, we know not everyone can. So please continue to share our website with friends, family and social media.

Thanks from the entire Techaeris staff!


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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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