Google May Manufacture Own Chipset For Android Phones


The signs of a company really taking care to improve their product is great and that’s exactly what Google is doing seeking to make its own chipset for Android phones. The Android experience has gotten progressively better over the years and it shows in their dominance of the mobile market. Apple makes great hardware and software, albeit limited in some respects for some users, and they own almost every part of both aspects. Google’s latest Nexus 6P, which I have had for about three days, is a huge jump in quality than ever before (review coming soon). If Google designed a chipset that was put in all Android OEM handsets that was optimized for Android software, the user experience gets even better.

If you head over to our source link on this story (Apple Insider) part of their story claims Google wants to be more like Apple. I don’t think Google has any intention of being more like Apple here, what I think they are doing is trying to improve the user experience and add new features to Android. The caveat in Google’s plan is getting chipmakers and OEM’s to work with them in designing and building the chipset for Android phones. The idea is great and the improvements and new features Google could incorporate into Android would be stellar but it will always come down to money. Who’s getting what slice of the pie and how much of that pie is everyone getting. Plus you factor in the amount of Android OEM’s and that’s a lot of manufacturers to cooperate with.

If Google can pull off a deal with chipset makers and get cooperation from device makers, they Android experience is going to shine even brighter for everyone. For now we wait for the political dance between Google and partners to run its course and hopefully we’ll have good news from the results.

What do you think of Google possibly making its own chipset for Android phones? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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