Google App Gets Smarter, Now Understands Complex Questions


If you use Google Search like most of the world does, you may have noticed that it has gotten smarter over the years. With the introduction of voice search back in 2008, and Knowledge Graphs first appearing in 2012, Google has always pushed search just that much further. Recent advances have led to semantic search, allowing for more plain English type searches which net you the desired response.

The Google app is no different and, as Google puts it, is “growing up” even more. Now Google is adding complex questions to its Google app search capabilities. When a question is asked, Google breaks it down to determine the intent behind the entire question by analyzing the semantics of each part of the initial query. By understanding the intent, they can then use the Knowledge Graph to find and return the correct answer.

Some of the new queries Google can now handle in its searches include superlatives (tallest, largest, etc), ordered items, particular points in time, and complex combinations. Some example questions that they can now accurately interpret include:

  • “Who are the tallest Mavericks players?”
  • “What are the largest cities in Texas?”
  • “What are the largest cities in Iowa by area?”
  • “What was the population of Singapore in 1965?”
  • “What songs did Taylor Swift record in 2014?”
  • “What was the Royals roster in 2013?”
  • “What are some of Seth Gabel’s father-in-law’s movies?”
  • “What was the U.S. population when Bernie Sanders was born?”
  • “Who was the U.S. President when the Angels won the World Series?”

Each iteration of Google search updates makes it easier to ask and get the correct answer, and it looks like this latest update is no exception.

Have you tried Google’s new search functionality through the Google app? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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