Seidio Cases Review: Tough iPhone 6s Plus Protection

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iPhone 6s Plus protection is essential for anyone that owns Apple’s flagship device. As large as the iPhone 6s Plus is and as slick as it is, it can be easy to fumble and drop it. Seidio is a premier iPhone accessory maker and has been in the game for many years. They’ve managed to continually improve their designs and protection over the years and this crop of cases is no exception. Come along with us as we look at just a few of Seidio’s offerings.

*Note, these cases fit both the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 6 Plus.

DILEX Pro Combo

The DILEX Pro is a mid-range protective case for your phone and is easily my favorite of the three cases Seidio sent to me for review. It comes with a kickstand and well thought out button covers that have a great tactile feel. The material on the back feels almost satin like, it does attract greasy fingerprints so be careful after eating pizza, chicken and those sorts of things. It offers mid-range protection perfect for those who might commute a lot. It’s slim and fits nicely into bags and even pant pockets (not so sure about skinny jeans as I’ve never worn those). Overall this case is excellent and offers great mid-range protection, the kickstand offers a great way to prop the phone up when you need to be hands free. The case also comes with a belt holster which works nicely for those who might have harsher work environments as it protects the front of the phone.


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Surface Combo

The SURFACE is a light-duty protective case for your phone and is super slim – barely adding any bulk to the iPhone. The case comes in two pieces that slide together which makes installation a breeze. The inside of the case is lined with a soft material that helps with shock absorption as well as being easy on the housing of the iPhone. This one does not have a kickstand, something that you’ll have to sacrifice for the extra slimness of the case. Overall this case is great for those who are wanting minimal bulk with decent protection. You might be one who doesn’t drop their phone a lot and this case will work perfectly for you. This one also comes with a holster case that adds front protection if you choose to use it on your belt.


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The CONVERT is a heavy duty offering which bulks up your phone substantially. Construction workers, police officers, firefighters, and others who work in the field might find this case to their liking. This case comes with three layers of protection and also protects the lightning port, camera and headphone jack with dust covers. This one comes with the kickstand and is a great addition to Seidio cases which I have found to be very convenient. The holster also comes with this case combo, and for it’s heavy duty use that makes perfect sense. This is rugged and superior protection and those who require such things will be very happy with this case. Highly recommended for heavy users in rough places.


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VITREO Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Now that you have the body of your iPhone protected you need to take care of that front glass. There’s no better way to do that than the VITREO. Made from real glass and super easy to install this screen protector does what it says it will do, protect that front panel. After a few weeks with the VITREO on board I had a slight mishap with my iPhone and it took a tumble. The VITREO was the first thing that hit the floor and it took all the brunt of the fall. It did crack just a slight bit but the screen on the iPhone survived without a hitch. Glass screen protectors aren’t for everyone but for those who feel they need that extra protection, the VITREO is one you need to look at.


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*We were sent review samples of the above Seidio cases/VITREO Glass Screen Protector for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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