XOO Smartphone-Charging Belt Tech And Fashion In One

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Do you get tired of lugging around an external battery? Then the XOO smartphone-charging belt just might be for you. The belt features a 2,100mAh flexible technology battery that XOO says is perfectly safe to be wearing around your waist. It takes about three hours to drain the 2,100mAh cell and power up your own device. Of course, depending on what size battery your device is, this may not charge it to full, but it’s nice to have in case you do need that juice.

Pre-orders are going on now and the belt is priced in at $249, now that’s a steep price to pay for a 2,100mAh battery but XOO is betting you’ll be considering the quality and looks of the belt as well. The belt works with both Android and iOS phones, a lightning adapter is included and the belt itself chargers through a microUSB port in the buckle. Here’s just a few facts about it.

Are batteries in a belt safe?

XOO uses the latest in flexible battery technology, which is inherently safe.

Unlike the lithium ion batteries that are found in most rechargeable devices — like mobile phones — the flexible batteries encapsulated in our belt are composed of a solid lithium ceramic polymer electrolyte, which is highly resistant to high temperatures, electrical damage, physical impact and even cutting and piercing.

The XOO Belt does not have any radio transmitting or receiving equipment so the level of radiation it would give off during a charge/discharge operation would be practically nothing (about as much as a novelty toy which beeps and flashes!). When your phone gets warm while charging, that is just the battery doing electrical work (i.e. charging), it is not as a result of any radiation.

Can I take it through airport security?

Every effort has been made to conform to the safety parameters set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In fact, the XOO Belt has a watt-hour rating significantly below the CAA’s maximum.

The batteries within the XOO Belt are certified by the manufacturer as ultra safe and unreactive with no liquid that can leak and no flammable material that can burn. However, as this is a new and innovative piece of technology, we cannot guarantee that all airlines will allow passengers to travel with the XOO Belt and we therefore recommend consulting your airline carrier before travelling with the item, just in case.

XOO offers three different sizes: small(28″-35″), medium (32″-39″) and large (37″-44″) — so there’s a broad range of sizes. It comes in four different styles, all of which look fantastic and premium. This might be a great gift for the fashion forward techie in your life. Hit the link below to get yours pre-ordered!


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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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