Orbitkey Review: Protect Your Smartphone From Key Scratches

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We get to review a lot of interesting tech items here at Techaeris, and while not totally a tech item, our Orbitkey review takes a look at a solution which not only organizes your keys, but comes with an optional USB key, and due to its design helps protect your smartphone from scratches when carried in the same pocket as your keys.


As far as specifications go, the Orbitkey is available in a couple of different configurations:

  • Premium leather genuine cowhide leather or TPU Elastomer band
  • Aluminum 7075 and stainless steel hardware
  • 20mm x 78mm x 18mm
  • Weight: 8g (without keys)
  • Fits 2 to 7 keys
  • Optional 8GB or 32GB USB key (adds 11g in weight)
  • Optional bottle opener (adds 10g in weight)

What’s in the Box

Included with the Orbitkey is:

  • 1 band
  • D-ring attachment
  • Spring washer
  • Screw & shaft


Our Orbitkey review sample featured the “Active Grey” TPU Elastomer band, which is targeted towards the more active user who wants durability and style. Even though it had a rubbery feel, it is definitely thick enough to withstand use over time. The band is a basic strap with a hole at each end which is where the locking mechanism and shaft are inserted to hold your keys. One end of the shaft has the Orbitkey logo engraved in the aluminum head, and the other end has a slot which fits a small coin to assist with removal. When assembled, the end locks into place so that the screw mount and shaft doesn’t come loose during use.

The Orbitkey consists of a band with a shaft/mount and D-ring attachment.

As mentioned, we received the grey TPU Elastomer band. It also comes in Active Black, Active Green, Active Pink, and Active Aqua. The leather band has a few more options and is available in black with tan stitching, black with black stitching, tan with white stitching, chocolate with chocolate stitching, grey with white stitching, red with white stitching, and navy with navy stitching. Either way, there’s sure to be a style and colour option that fits most tastes.

Ease of Use

The Orbitkey is really easy to use. To disassemble it, simply push down the outer rim of the locking mechanism which releases the locking feature, allowing you to use your fingernail or small coin (like a dime or nickel) to loosen the screw. Once disassembled you can remove the D-ring attachment from the band in case you don’t have larger keys, for example key fobs for most newer vehicles. Other keys, like house keys and the like, can then be loaded on the mount with the optional accessories, the band is then folded back up, and the screw fastened back on with your nail or a coin. It’s important to make sure that the locking feature snaps into the designated slot to stop the Orbitkey from loosening accidentally.

Slide keys (and optional attachments) through mount post and screw shut.


Once assembled, the Orbitkey kept my keys, the bottle opener, and the USB key in a nice compact package. With everything contained inside the band when not in use (aside from the key fob for my truck), I wasn’t as concerned about having it in the same jacket pocket as my phone — usually I’m putting keys in one pocket and phone in another, but sometimes you do forget and put them both in the same one which can lead to scratches on your phone. The USB key worked as one would expect. I did find that it was best placed on the bottom of the key stack with the USB connectors facing up due to my laptop configuration.

The Orbitkey is a great way to keep your keys organized.


Coming in at $39.95USD for the premium leather band and $29.95 for the active elastomer band, the Orbitkey isn’t that cheap. Once you throw in a bottle opener for $7.50 and a USB key ($19.95 for 8GB, $34.95 for 32GB), the price adds up quickly. It does a great job of keeping your keys in a neat, organized stack, and it is handy having a USB key with you at all times. The quality of both the accessories and the band itself do add value as well.


While not necessarily a tech item per se, the fact that it does help prevent potential key scratches when your smartphone is in the same pocket as your keys, as well as the optional USB key attachment prove that the Orbitkey is a nifty little device that definitely has a place in your tech collection.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Orbitkey for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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