Uber Is Testing SPOT Feature To Make Spotting Your Driver Easier

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What may at first seem like a minor addition to their ride sharing service, Uber’s new SPOT feature will be very important for people trying to get rides in dark or crowded areas.

The implementation is simple: the driver attaches an Uber-issued SPOT device to the windshield of their car and when a customer requests a ride, they select one of six identifying colors inside the Uber app. As the driver arrives, the SPOT device in their car glows with the passenger-selected color, allowing them to be discerned more easily.

The concept is helpful for a few reasons. In a poorly lit area, being able to see a unique color marker will make it easier to identify your driver; while in a crowded area such as an airport or stadium, picking out the SPOT color is simpler than finding your transportation in a sea of indistinguishable headlights. There is also a security and safety benefit to consider. Adding another identifier allows lets you know that the car you are about to get into is the one you requested.

“SPOT is the latest experiment in our ongoing effort to make Uber pickups as seamless as possible. When riders and drivers can easily find each other, we’re able to trim down wait times, which is a win for everyone.” – Uber

Additionally, the awaiting passenger can make their screen light up in the selected color and hold it up for the driver to see as they approach to pinpoint their fare.

For now the SPOT feature is only available in Seattle as Uber uses the limited release as an experiment with hopes of improving it for a more general release based on feedback the receive. This is a great addition, adding convenience and safety factors,  and will undoubtedly find it’s way to Uber’s competitors like Lyft in no time.


Are you looking forward to this feature being being added in your city? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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