Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Review: Fantastic Sounding Tangle Proof Earbuds

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Choosing the right pair of earbuds these days can be quite a challenge as there not only is a range in price, but a range in quality. Our Zipbuds SLIDE Sport review takes a look at a pair of earbuds that feature a patented Zipperless Zipper cable technology to make them tangle proof.


The Zipbuds SLIDE Sport earbuds feature the following:

  • Powerful bass and dynamic clarity at any volume
  • Military Grade Bulletproof Fibers for supreme durability
  • Next-Generation Tangle Free Technology
  • Sweat and water resistant to handle tough workouts
  • Sport Fit for optimal comfort and stability
  • Noise-Filtering Microphone & Control

What’s in the Box

With each pair of Zipbud SLIDE Sport earbuds you get:

  • 1 pair of Zipbud SLIDE Sport earbuds
  • 3 pairs of Dual Molded Silicone Ear Tips (Small, Medium, Large)


The Zipbud SLIDE Sport earbuds are crafted using military grade bulletproof fibres for added durability. The cord is a rubbery material, which leads into the plastic microphone control unit. Above that the cord splits into a right and left cable, each with a groove inset into the cable. Just above the microphone control unit is the zipper clasp, and each earbud is angled slightly for a very comfortable fit.

The Zipbud logo is featured on the tips of both earbuds and on the zipper clasp as well. The headphone jack is also angled which allows for a smaller footprint when plugged into a smartphone, MP3 player, computer, or other listening device.

The dual molded silicone ear tips are very comfortable, and with three sizes you shouldn’t have any issues getting these to fit comfortably. The cord itself is next to impossible to tangle when the earbuds are zipped together. The only issue I had with the design is when using the zipperless zipper slider itself. If you don’t go slowly and the cables aren’t fairly straight, there is a small chance that they won’t seal together properly. The best way I found to zip the earbuds together was to hold the zipper slider and dangle the earbuds towards the floor and slowly slide the slider down.

The Zipbuds SLIDE Sport earbuds are available in numerous colour combinations including Black, White Sea (white/teal), Black Neon (black/neon green), P.O.P (red, black, and purple), White Purple, Black & White, and Black Sea (black/teal).


The box of the Zipbuds SLIDE Sport earbuds states that they “deliver an insanely clean mix of clarity and bass with absolutely zero distortion at any volume,” and they did not disappoint. No matter the volume, whether I was using my smartphone or computer, the range of tones and clarity of sound without any distortion whatsoever made for great listening — no matter the genre of music.

Call Reception

I had no real issues in testing calls with the earbuds. Sound was great and clear, and the other end had no problems hearing me through the noise-filtering microphone, especially when I held it slightly closer to my mouth.


At $79.99USD, the Zipbuds SLIDE Sport earbuds are reasonably priced, and as of the writing of this review, are available for $39.49 (51 percent off) on The fantastic sound and comfort with the added bonus of virtually tangle proof cables definitely adds value to these. As well, Zipbuds has a lifetime guarantee on the SLIDE Sport earbuds.


The Zipbuds Slide Sport earbuds are affordable, comfortable, great sounding, and practically tangle proof. If you’re in the market for a new set of earbuds, you should definitely give these a look.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Zipbuds SLIDE Sport earbuds for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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