Say Hello To Verily, The New Name For Google’s Life Sciences Division

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Say hello to Verily, or as we previously known it as Google Life Sciences division, which was recently placed under the Alphabet umbrella. The division will now be an independent entity known as “Verily.” As part of the rebranding of the division, a new website,, is also live.

Google’s Life Sciences division has researched projects such as bandage sized glucose monitors and “a perfect baseline for human health” while working as part of Google X.  The group will now continue those projects under the recently organized Alphabet structure. Even the smart contact lenses the company announced it was building almost two years ago appear on the new Verily website. From the website:

As a life sciences team within Google X, we were able to combine the best of our technology heritage with expertise from across many fields. Now, as an independent company, Verily is focused on using technology to better understand health, as well as prevent, detect, and manage disease.

The new name “Verily” was introduced in an interview with CEO Andy Conrad, who told the health science publication STAT that the name was related to the meaning “truly.” “Only through the truth are we going to defeat Mother Nature,” Conrad said.

Imagine a chemist and an engineer and a doctor and a behavioral scientist, all working together to truly understand health and to better prevent, detect, and manage disease. Picture a world in which technology and life sciences are not distinct, but partners with a united mission.

The new website describes numerous moonshot-esque quotes of using technology to create a true picture of human health, through such things as hardware, software and science.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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