Twitter Timeline Out Of Order? Twitter Testing New “Feature”


Twitter is on a roll lately with ushering in features that not a single user of Twitter has wanted. From the relatively minor — changing the “Favorite” Star to a “Like” Heart — to the somewhat more annoying — Pushing Moments onto people, then shifting the UI to put the Moments link where Notifications were previously. If you were wondering what Twitter might do next to alienate its users and drive people away from the platform you may just have your answer.

Some users noticed an odd “bug” where their Twitter timelines were not in chronological order. Users were reporting the issue on mobile, and many even tried tweeting to Twitter Support to resolve the issue.

Users complained immediately - image courtesy of Motherboard
Users complained almost immediately (Image courtesy Motherboard)

Though apparently this wasn’t an issue, but a feature! Motherboard reached out to Twitter and a spokesman confirmed that this was, in fact, done on purpose:

[the non-chronological timeline is] an experiment. We’re continuing to explore ways to surface the best content for people using Twitter.

This seems odd for a platform that is widely used as a way of receiving up to the second information the second it actually happens. What is the point of Twitter if you aren’t seeing information the moment (ha, not Twitter Moments, sorry Twitter) it is posted? Many love Twitter for its ability to spread information quickly (albeit not necessarily always accurately) in instances of breaking news or other world events.

No word as of yet whether or not Twitter will actually roll out this “feature” to all users. If they do, I can imagine that I speak for roughly every single person on Twitter ever by saying that they should make it opt-in, and make it very easy to turn off and leave off forever. Facebook’s curated feed is already annoying enough, and as much as I love Google+ their stream is a giant mess. Twitter was really one of the last major bastions of sanity in an insane social media world. Don’t ruin that Twitter… seriously.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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