Apple Slashes iPhone 5s Price Nearly Half In India

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Living here in the United States you might be tempted to ask why a phone from 2013 even matters. We’re already on the iPhone 6s and rumors of iPhone 7 are already swirling. The thing is, the United States isn’t the only country in the world that uses smartphones and there are some countries who can’t afford the premium Apple prices. Apple doesn’t have a very strong foothold in the Indian market, for good reason, they cost too much. Now Apple has slashed the iPhone 5s price nearly in half in hopes to grab some of the market and drive sales.

“To drive volume [in India], Apple will need to keep focus on older iPhone generations,” IDC’s Kiranjeet Kaur said, explaining that older generations will cater to the country’s large midrange smartphone market. Kaur added that there’s a “limited” amount of penetration the company can achieve by exclusively selling in the premium price segment.

The new iPhone 5s Indian price breakdown looks like this 44,500 Rupees ($665) to 24,999 Rupees ($370). In the US you can snag a used iPhone 5s for $200 on up, depending on carrier and capacity. So $370 still seems a bit steep for nearly three year old hardware but the Indian market is very different from the US.

It remains to be seen if Apple’s strategy will gain it a better market share in India. Android and Windows Phone are the dominate players in the region as you can snag very cheap Android and Windows smartphones, even cheaper than the iPhone 5s with its new price drop.

What do you think of Apple’s new iPhone 5s price in India? To our Indian readers, will you be buying one? Let us know in the comment below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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