Bing Gains Ground In Desktop Search, Still Lags In Mobile

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Google has been the market leader when it comes to search on both desktop and mobile and that trend still continues with a near 64% share. But Bing gains ground this year, at least on the desktop/laptop side by snagging nearly 21% of the market. Yahoo is also in the fray but with a 12.5% share of the market. Microsoft’s Bing is enjoying a bump in share due to the large number of Windows 10 upgrades Microsoft rolled out this year, an estimated 120 million installs.

Microsoft has reported it acquires 20% of all search revenue from Windows 10 devices, as noted by AdAge, and as the company push for its 1 billion users aim, Bing’s share is expected to rise in the future.

While no one is expecting the masses to flip over to Bing anytime soon, it is refreshing to see Bing gain a little ground on desktop. But mobile is a bigger issue. With Android dominating the market Google is pretty much the default on every one of those devices. Even iOS users use Google search, Google has just become the default for search pretty much everywhere.

That doesn’t make Bing bad, it just makes it a hell of a battle for Bing to compete with the juggernaut that is Google. Of course just like Android v iOS you’re going to encounter those Google diehards who are unrelenting in lambasting Bing (most haven’t used Bing in ages). Does Google have some advantages over Bing? I wouldn’t say that but there are times Google’s information does differ from Bing’s. For the most part though, my experience with Bing hasn’t been bad at all. I’d say 90% of what I need to find or have answered gets found or answered using Bing without issue.

bing gains ground

It’s probably safe to say that Bing will probably never overtake Google in search domination but at least Microsoft is continuing to compete in the search space. As I’ve said many times before, competition is good for everyone, no matter if you choose Google or Bing.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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