Is This What Google Glass 2.0 Enterprise Edition Will Look Like?

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It’s been a good while since we last wrote about the newest version of Google Glass dubbed “Google Glass Enterprise Edition” and mentioned that we should be hearing something new about the updated wearable on December 28th. What amazes me is that that date stayed true and we actually have some new information. Pictures to be more precise.

What we know so far about Google Glass Enterprise Edition is that it’ll have much better hardware (support for 5GHz WiFi, Intel Atom processor, and an improved battery life) on the inside and a whole new design. The design itself looks like the last generation, but excludes the glasses “frame,” i.e. the band going around the rest of your head and lying on your ear like a pair of glasses would. Foldability was something that could have saved Google Glass back when it first appeared, but not to fret as this version is built on a button and hinge system, so it’ll fold up nicely for ya.

Let’s talk more about the build of the unit. From the pictures below, the prism (display) looks to be much larger this time and you’re able to notice the hinge where the eye piece will fold inward. Moving on, the power button is no longer on the inside and has been placed at the back. This next part is a good one that will make Glass seem much less creepy. When you use the camera, whether you’re taking a photo or a creating a video, a light will come on when it’s being used. Not so creepy anymore right? I agree.

Still no word on pricing yet as Google hasn’t even announced this version of Google Glass, but the FCC has given us a glimpse as to what it’ll look like. Google Glass 2.0 will only be available to those in Glass for Work startups, so a consumer like you and me will unfortunately not be able to get our hands on one. What are your thoughts about the new design of Google Glass 2.0 Enterprise Edition? Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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