Quentin Tarantino Sued For Allegedly Infringing On Script


Quentin Tarantino has been one of the most celebrated directors and filmmakers in recent history and has the movies to back that up. From Pulp Fiction to his latest offering, The Hateful Eight, he’s won awards and great praise for his works. With his latest movie set to release soon, Tarantino certainly wasn’t expecting to ring in the new year with a one hundred million dollar lawsuit, but that’s exactly what he’ll be facing come 2016. The plaintiffs in the case are Oscar Colvin Jr. and Torrance J. Colvin who claim that Tarantino’s Django Unchained resembles their script Freedom a little to closely.

“Before Django Freeman, there was an escaped slave named Jackson Freeman who desired to purchase his family’s freedom from a malevolent plantation owner,” the suit, filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., reads.”Before Dr. Schultz, there was Samson, another white man, who would assist Mr. Freeman in his efforts to rescue his loved one(s) from slavery.”

The lawsuit against Tarantino also lists The Weinstein Company and Columbia Pictures as defendants in the matter, both are the production and distribution companies for Django Unchained. Torrance Colvin claims they submitted their script Freedom to the William Morris Agency, who he says mentioned possibly using Tarantino as a director. We’re drawing the conclusion that the Colvin’s are claiming that William Morris showed the script to Tarantino and that’s where Tarantino got the idea.

“Defendant Tarantino took the plot lines and main story of ‘Freedom’ and Tarantino-ized them,” the suit reads.

The lawsuit says Tarantino violated copyright laws and is asking for unspecified damages but the compensatory damages are listed over $100 million USD. That’s a big chunk of change and that’s not including any other damages the brothers may be seeking.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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