[CES 2016] Kia Novo Concept Hints At Future Styling


Kia Motors unveiled their Kia Novo Concept at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show in South Korea back in April, and they have brought the concept to CES 2016 in Las Vegas. We already know that Kia doesn’t intend on producing the Novo, although just from a few minutes of gawking at it (no one was allowed to touch) I really think they should. What Kia does tell us is that the future styling of Kia vehicles lay all inside of this car and you can really see strong suggestions to that even now.

Many of the 2016 Kia Motors lineup already have some of the styling cues of the Novo, so it’s clear where they’re trying to go. But the simplistic and minimalist look of the Novo’s interior doesn’t seem to be part of that blend. Because the vehicle was blocked off  it made it difficult to get good pictures of the interior but it was very streamlined (thanks to MotorTrend for the stock photo). Clean lines and less emphasize on knobs and buttons, we wish the Novo’s insides would be adopted sooner than later. Then of course you have those doors, which will probably never been seen in a production model, but they are magnificent.

I wish we had a chance to sit in the vehicle and get some better interior shots but if this is where Kia’s going with styling, I’m digging it.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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