Video Technology Transforms Subtle Vibrations To Sound


Often times we define technology by the things we use around us: cell phones, televisions, smartwatches, and IoT devices. Honestly most tech sites, including us, tend to cover these defining devices because that’s what we’re all using. But every so often we cover those things that probably should get more coverage than the latest Nexus or iOS device, this is one of those times. I ran across a TED talk given by computer scientist Abe Davis back from March 2015 and in it he demonstrates how they can transform subtle vibrations into sound. Check out the full 17 minute TED talk below.

Subtle motion happens around us all the time, including tiny vibrations caused by sound. New technology shows that we can pick up on these vibrations and actually re-create sound and conversations just from a video of a seemingly still object. But now Abe Davis takes it one step further: Watch him demo software that lets anyone interact with these hidden properties, just from a simple video.

“We created software that finds the subtle motions in video and amplifies them so they become big enough for us to see,” Davis says, showing the images again, this time processed to magnify the tiny motions in the video. Now it’s easy to see a pulse in the wrist, to see the baby’s chest lift and fall.

That is some awesome video technology and we’re looking forward to seeing where it all leads in the future. What did you think of Abe’s presentation? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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