Valve Gives Blessing To Fan Made Half-Life 2 Sequel, Due In February

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Mention the Half-Life franchise in the right setting and you will get a mix of looks. Some will be of eyes filled with joy and hope, others with pure disdain. The latter of course from the crowd that has become weary of hoping and hoping and hoping of finally seeing a true sequel to their hallowed tale of the Black Mesa Incident. Many of us have given up and accepted that Valve is never going to give us the conclusion to the trilogy we so badly crave. However it is important to remember that there are many elements in Half-Life that have made it so addictive, most importantly, the game-play and the atmosphere of the environment. It’s these pieces that a developer named Richard Seabrook has put together into a stand alone chapter set in the Half-Life 2 storyline. But what’s more impressive, is that he is releasing this chapter with Valve’s permission.



About a year ago, Richard Seabrook put the project together as an application to Valve. Although he never got the job, Richard posted the game to Steam Greenlight in June, 2015. It was quickly approved and he was allowed to use any and all assets from Half Life 2. That could of course mean that the final product was so good, Valve felt it was a worthy addition to the series, or it could mean that they are so done with Half-Life they just want to get anything out to tame the fans a bit.


The story of Prospekt follows a lesser known character in the Half-Life universe: Adrian Shephard, a marine that appeared in a Half-Life spin-off called Half-Life: Opposing Force that also took place during the Black Mesa Incident. In Prospekt, you follow along with Shephard as he is sent in to the Nova Prospekt prison by the Vortigaunts to rescue an overwhelmed Gordon Freeman. The story unfolds over the course of 13 chapters and is said to be as long as Half -Life2: Episode One.


Although the feeling of the game will be very familiar to anyone that has delved into the Half-Life universe, Prospekt seems to be more action focused than the Gordon Freeman chapters. Don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of puzzles to solve along the way. Best of all, the game will cost under 10 bucks and does not require that you own any other Half-Life game.

Are you looking forward to dipping your feet back in the Half-Life world one more time? Or are you still hoping against hope that Valve will eventually give us a true sequel? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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