1,000 On Staff At Google To Eliminate Bad Ads

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While Google is making bank on ad revenue from users searches on iOS, Windows, OS X, Chromebooks, and other devices they are at least fighting the battle against bad ads. Google disclosed they have 1,000 on staff just for this purpose and also revealed they blocked 780 million bad ads last year. That is a huge effort to combat unwanted ads and potential malware and bogus links which is a great thing in this age of digital advertising. Bad ads include phishing ads, ads with malware or viruses in them, and ads that redirect to websites that have or could have malware and viruses in them.

To prevent bad ads from harming internet users and threatening Google’s multi-billion dollar ad empire, Google ads and commerce SVP Sridhar Ramaswamy says the company has now hired more than 1,000 people across the globe whose sole purpose is “fighting bad ads”.

“Through a combination of computer algorithms and people at Google reviewing ads, we’re able to block the vast majority of these bad ads before they ever get shown,” Ramaswamy said.

Google has built their business on advertising and they aims to protect that investment by eliminating as many bad ads as they possibly can. Ads can be a pain to deal with but along with Google, most of the Internet depends on ads to continue to run. Many websites wouldn’t be online for users to enjoy their content if they didn’t run ads. It’s good to see Google being pro-active and dealing with the problem up front to try and protect the already bruised reputation of online ads.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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