Wendy’s Reportedly Breached, Customer Credit Card Data Stolen


Would you like your data breach Biggie Sized? I can’t take credit for that amazingly sick burn, it was shamelessly stolen from the comment section of Krebs on Security. Speaking of things that were shamelessly stolen, Wendy’s — the burger chain with the smiling, pig-tailed, redheaded namesake — has reportedly been the victim of some type of security breach.

Details are sparse at the moment, the investigation has only recently started. Krebs on Security reached out to Wendy’s after hearing from banking industry sources that noticed fraudulent behavior on credit cards that had all recently been used at the restaurants. When contacted for comment, Bob Bertini, a spokesman for Wendy’s advised that they heard from their contacts in the payment industry about a potential breach, and have contracted a security firm to help them investigate. Mr. Bertini continued:

We have received this month from our payment industry contacts reports of unusual activity involving payment cards at some of our restaurant locations. Reports indicate that fraudulent charges may have occurred elsewhere after the cards were legitimately used at some of our restaurants. We’ve hired a cybersecurity firm and launched a comprehensive and active investigation that’s underway to try to determine the facts.

The scope of the breach is unknown at this point, though Krebs on Security has heard claims of fraudulent behavior in locations around the midwest and east coast of the US. If you’ve used a credit card at a Wendy’s restaurant in the last few years you may want to be on the lookout for any sort of suspicious activity. Nobody wants to have their identity stolen over a Frosty.

Have you noticed anything strange on your credit cards that you previously used to purchase food at Wendy’s? Tell us all about it in the comment section below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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