The Google+ iOS App UX Is A Mess


Google+ is far and away where I spend the majority of my online social media time and I’ve grown to love the people I interact with there. The service hasn’t caught on like Google originally intended and the future of the platform is continually debated. One thing that is clear is Google has been doing some redesign work on the desktop application, the iOS app and the Android app. The new desktop experience is excruciating to use and I am sticking with the Classic layout until they pry it from my cold dead fingers, that’s another story. The Android app has also been revamped and while it’s not as good as the old Android app, it at least functions better than the Google+ iOS app. Chris Sewell over on Google+ describes the iOS app UX perfectly.

The latest g+ app is just a hacked up web wrapper that is just trash.

As you can see from Chris’s video, accessing a video on Google+ iOS takes way more effort than it should but Chris’s complaint isn’t the only thing wrong with the iOS app. Here’s just a few things I’ve noticed using the app on my iPhone 6s Plus.

  • Slow load time
  • Multiple taps to get to video
  • Taps not recognized
  • Taps take 3-5 seconds to register sometimes resulting in same link being opened multiple times
  • Laggy performance
  • Scrolling is sluggish
  • Loading of more posts takes longer than it should
  • Notifications do not show unless you restart the app
  • App crashes

These are just a few things I’ve experienced myself making the UX on the iOS app just pure garbage (and yes I have filed bug reports). I go out of my way not to use the mobile app unless I’m holding my Nexus 6P and not my iPhone 6s Plus. I’m not entirely sure who Google has working on the iOS app but maybe they need to lay off the bourbon for a few weeks and get their mess cleaned up. Google prides themselves on delivering a good user experience and right now the Google+ iOS app feels like it was made by the janitorial staff (no offense to the custodial arts).

How’s the Google+ iOS app working for you? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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