[UPDATED] User Claims iPhone Exploded And Burned Hand


Every now and then a new report of a smartphone catching fire or exploding creeps out of social media and today is that day. One Google+ user is claiming his iPhoneir?source=bk&t=techaeris 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=9c718ae40202136b878e1f19db33b77e& cb=1454341261609 exploded in his hand while it was charging causing burns to his hand. One reason given that this may have happened was the user may have provided too much current to the phone causing the battery to explode. But as another user pointed out, the charging circuits in the iPhone provide the correct amount of current even if plugged into a higher capacity charger. But those circuits may have malfunctioned as well or the battery may have just been bad, there are many factors involved here.

UPDATE: 2/1/2016 – Another alert user in the same post has pointed out that the provided photo was used in another story from December 2, 2015 reported by WSB-TV. So the claims made by the original poster are likely not truthful, though we all should be more careful with our devices.

Original Story:

Truthfully this could happen with just about any device using a battery. Batteries aren’t perfect and anyone buying a smartphone should know the risk. One girl found out in a scary way that putting your phone under your pillow is probably not a good idea.

We are creatures of habit though and common sense sometimes escapes us and that’s when accidents happen. Even though stories like these suck for the users involved, it is a good reminder for everyone to take care when using devices with batteries. Even charging adapters have the potential of being a fire hazard. Nothing is foolproof or 100% safe so be careful with your electronics and where you place them.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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