Odds Of Surviving An Aircraft Disaster May Increase With This Invention


The odds of surviving an aircraft disaster may increase with this detachable cabin invention from Russian inventor Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich. The whole system sort of reminds me of the USS Enterprise saucer separation from Star Trek. Like in Star Trek, the cabin (saucer) would detach from the main propellent (engine) system allowing for the passengers and crew to escape to safety. Nikolaevich’s system looks pretty convincing and could really work in real world application. Check out the full YouTube video concept with applicable information included.

There are, of course, many considerations one has to factor in before something like this can be implemented. A lot of testing and R&D must be done for stresses on the aircraft overall, things like the seals between cabin and main body must be considered. The idea is grand, as most ideas are, and the biggest hurdle here is who will want to throw money at Nikolaevich to further the research.

Which brings in the argument of cost-effectiveness. How much money would have to be invested into such an idea from R&D to birth of the product? Of course that cost will be transferred back to whomever buys the planes then transferred again to the passengers. Nikolaevich claims that 95% of people he talked to say they would be willing to pay more money to fly in an aircraft with this feature implemented into it. Nikolaevich did not say how many people he actually talked to. As Mashable reports, this isn’t the first detachable system ever proposed. Airbus had something similar in 2013 but it wasn’t exactly the same as what Nikolaevich is proposing with his invention.

We’ll see if anyone is willing to sink some sort of investment into Nikolaevich’s idea in the meantime what do you think of this invention? Is it worth investing in if it prevents an aircraft disaster and loss of life? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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