Deadpool Review: No Spoilers, Just Free Chimichangas!*

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We’ve all seen the advertising blitz, there’s almost no way you could avoid it! You could almost feel how completely excited Ryan Reynolds was to don the red suit and make up for mistakes of the past. That’s right, I’m looking at you X-Men Origins: WolverineDeadpool has finally arrived, and with it some high expectations. That begs the question, does Deadpool live up to the hype? Will you be running for some chimichangas as soon as the credits roll? Keep reading our Deadpool review to find out.

First things first: It’s been said before, it will be said again, I’m going to say it here and now. This is not a movie for kids. You should not take your kids to go see this movie. Seriously, just don’t. Just in case you didn’t hear me the first time — DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It really does run the entire naughty gamut: language (and lots of it), nudity (male and female naughty bits make an appearance), graphic violence, the list goes on. Even the dialog that doesn’t necessarily have curse words is chock full of innuendo and jokes that just really aren’t appropriate for kids.

Now that we have that incredibly important caveat out of the way, and you aren’t going to take your kids to go see this movie, here’s the very shortest I can possibly make this review: Go see it (without your kids). If I could end it there, I might just do that, but I will soldier on for you, our dear readers. I will say the same thing I said in my Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens review: No Spoilers. You heard it here first.

Wade Wilson and Vanessa - Image Courtesy of
Wade Wilson and Vanessa – Image Courtesy of

Many people are hearing of Deadpool for the first time with this movie. He’s a character that has a pretty rabid following though, and if you ever go to any type of convention where people dress up as their favorite characters, you’ll undoubtedly see at least a few Deadpools. From the very beginning, the movie does a fantastic job of letting you know what you’re getting yourself into. The opening credit roll is, let’s just say, unorthodox. The movie does a good job of introducing Wade Wilson, and showing you some of his motivations pre-red suit. If you’ve seen the trailers, you already have a decent idea of Deadpool’s origin story. Deadpool’s origin in the movie sets up the rest of the story, as bad guy Ajax (Ed Skrein) is responsible for all of Wade’s (perceived) shortcomings. That’s all I will say about the story, but it’s entertaining, no need to worry about that.

For those unfamiliar with Deadpool the character, he frequently breaks the 4th wall, speaking directly to the reader of his comics. He’s also known as the merc with a mouth due to his chatty, generally inappropriate nature. You’ll see plenty of both in this movie. The dialog is fantastic though and the jokes come fast and furious. I’ve said it before, but Ryan Reynolds was truly meant to play this character. The supporting cast plays off of Reynolds’ performance perfectly. Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa plays yin to Wilson’s yang, and the relationship of their characters just works. Their characters are the exact right type of weird for each other. TJ Miller (Weasel) puts in a quality performance as Wilson’s friend, and even the handful of X-Men — Stefan Kapicic (Colossus) and Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) — fill their roles as they should, and provide a set up for more than a few jokes. Two in particular that I won’t repeat here are especially fantastic. Since this is a Marvel movie (though not Marvel Cinematic Universe, boo) you’re going to have a Stan Lee cameo. It’s fantastic. It fits in exactly the way that it should for a Deadpool movie.

Half of the X-Men in the movie - Image Courtesy of
Half of the X-Men in the movie – Image Courtesy of

The writing really tells the story in the best possible way. This is the introduction that Deadpool deserves. There are references made to Wilson’s prior appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, all of which poke fun at what is possibly the worst example of Wade Wilson in a movie ever. The fourth-wall breaking goes to levels on top of levels of references, and as long as you’re familiar with Ryan Reynolds’ prior superhero movie roles, you ought to get a good laugh out of these references. Really, you ought to get a good laugh out of nearly the entire movie. Yes, there’s the nudity, violence, and language, but Deadpool really lays on the humor.

The action is erratic, but easy to follow. In some of the fight scenes there are quick-cuts and lots of fast action, but it’s all shot very clearly so you’re always able to tell what’s going on. It would have been easy to turn a lot of the action into a blurry mess but thankfully that didn’t happen.

I could honestly just continue to say nice things about this movie, but I worry that I’d eventually start delving into spoiler territory. I can promise you that there have been no spoilers up until this point, so I don’t plan on spoiling anything now. Really as long as you like these types of movies — Marvel movies, X-Men movies, superhero/antihero movies, etc. — don’t get easily offended, and are over 18, there’s really no good reason not to go see Deadpool. Just be sure to stay all the way through the end of the credits. You won’t be sorry.

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*There are no free chimichangas, just a spoiler-free review of a movie you should really go see as soon as possible (as long as you are over 18).

Last Updated on February 14, 2016.


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